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First four weeks
The first four weeks of University life can be daunting. There are many things to do and keep track of. The tips below will make your transition into College life a little easier.

What to do in week one?

Once you have enrolled check all your details have been correctly recorded. You can do this at the Accounts Section of SPSAD. Remember to check:

You have been enrolled in the correct course and unit of study
  • Your contact details are correct
  • Your payment has been made to the college leaving all hassles away
  • get a copy of the course timetables and allocate yourself into classes
Apply for your student ID card as soon as possible. You will need this to:
  • validate your enrolment status
  • borrow books from the library
  • access college resources like counseling and student advisory services

Locating your classrooms

To make your life easy make sure you know where you need to go on your first day. Most classrooms in the college are named according to a set numbering system. For example if your class is in room A315 you are going to building A, level 3 and are looking for the door with A315 written on it.

Understanding your timetable SPSAD refers to the different styles of classes that we teach by the following codes:

  • L = lecture
  • ST = studio
  • WA = Workshop
  • OD = outdoor studies
  • FW = field work

What to do in week one?

This is the time where you'll start attending your first classes. During this week, it's a good idea to:

  • look through your faculty web pages for information and services available only to students in the faculty
  • get to know other students in your classes
  • join a club
  • look through the academic calendar which will help you keep up to date with key events and dates
  • check out the resources available to you from the library

What to do in week two?

Once you know when to go and how to get to your classes you may want to explore what else is on offer. You may want to check out SPSAD's:

  • learning support resources and the available services for current students
  • campus events and campus life activities available throughout the year
  • study help and workshops offered by the SPSAD

You should also organize your diary with assessment deadlines and important university dates such as the examination dates and many other festival dates organized by MDU from time to time.

What to do in week three?

SPSAD has many experts who can help you adjust to your new life and find the right balance between study, work and play. You can seek assistance from our:

  • Counseling services
  • Welfare services
  • Student advisory services
  • Student Learning Support

What to do in week four?

By now you should be progressing with your studies and should have a good idea if you are happy with the subjects you have chosen to study. We hope that you will have a good time studying with us and we wish you bon voyage for the rest of your time.