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Architecture is a very versatile field offering a numerous opportunities to today’s youth to achieve success in life. Architecture in this era of Globalization deals with the complexities of buildings in terms of Behavioral, Environmental, Structural system, Services, Energy and Technology. It is becoming more multidisciplinary with the dynamic cyber era. Architecture now requires a team of specialized professionals with the Architects being one of many, although usually the Team Leader. An Architect is the one who can, through his immense creativity and technological skills can amalgamate environment, sustainability and cyber technology to create a building like a living organism which is capable of identifying and addressing its needs. Architecture is a very satisfactory and noble profession, contributing to the development of Nation, safety of environment and giving dignity to the professionals involved.

SPSAD prepares the student to achieve excellence in the field of Architecture by imparting student with holistic education and knowledge. SPSAD further looks forward to create a learning atmosphere and provide resources and dynamic career opportunities to the students. School makes it for sure to groom the students to confident professionals so that they can face the challenges in Design & Technology and create marvels.

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