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Attention Parents And Students

  1. The parents and students are required to go through the Prospectus carefully before signing the admission form. Once the form is signed the total responsibility of having read the rules and regulations shall lie upon the parents and students.
  2. Attendance in the Tests conducted by the college throughout the degree is compulsory. The college will take strict disciplinary action against a student, who is absent in the test. However the Principal may suspend the erring student to take some other punitive in extra ordinary circumstances.
  3. The students are required to fulfill the following eligibility conditions for appearing in the final examinations as per MDU.
    • To Get 50% marks in aggregate of all the subjects in the test conducted by the college.
    • To Attend 75% of the total lectures delivered in each of the subjects including theory and practical.
    • To Clear all the dues of the college. Note: in case they fail to fulfill any of these conditions, they shall be detained from appearing in the final examination of MDU.
  4. Condonation of shortage of lectures, up to 25% of lectures attended, is Principal’s discretion and not a student’s right.
  5. The name of the student remaining absent for more than 15 days, without information will be struck off from the college rolls.
  6. Lectures will not be granted for Medical Leave or any other leave taken by the students. The leave only ensures that the students name remains on the college rolls and is not struck off.
  7. Any change in the address of student of her Parents/Guardians must be reported to college office without loss of time.